_ I A M //\ F O X _

michael todd berland // portland // @michaelberland

in 2011 i sent him my album spooky on tumblr and told him 2 be my friend and to make music with me and now its 2k14


so christian disappeared from the internet for a while and decided to recorded an entire solo album in his bedroom. i’ve been listening to it since last night and it’s like 100x better than i was ever prepared for. it’s v simple and lofi and cute and spooky and if you’re into that stuff you should listen to it right this second and download it.

lilac skate team | ***secret room full of raincoats***

my best homie christian made a 10/10 album gogogogogo


fox academy is my band wth christian

i do 80% of the music/singing in fox academy 

and christian is my best friend ah


my heart is bleeding and on fire in a pool of lavender goo and orchid petals -_- 


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